Fire-i™ Remote

Fire-i™ Remote

Fire-i™ Remote application provides the ability to perform demanding video-recording operations from multiple IIDC cameras. Uncompressed video recordings from different cameras are served by different PCs, all controlled by a client system.

When multiple record operations must be performed on a PC, there are two constraint factors that may apply:

1.) Bandwidth consumption on the Firewire bus is exceeded
2.) The required throughput for recording video to the disk is very high

When the first only constraint applies, the solution is to simply use more Firewire adapters on that system and distribute appropriately the cameras on them. Thus the known Fire-i™ Software can be used for the recording task effectively in that case.

When the second constraint applies, the recording job must be distributed to more than one PCs.
Fire-i™ Remote application provides the ability to apply this solution conveniently, controlling the cameras and the recording on each system through a client system. All the systems (servers and client) are connected to the the same firewire bus. The cameras are connected on the PCs serving the recording through separate firewire adapters installed on them.
Fire-i™ Remote consists of a service (ubCameraDaemon)
and an application (ubCameraController). The service is installed on the server systems so that the client system running the control application can perform remotely the required functions of setting the format on the cameras, arming/disarming the recording procedure on each server system and starting/stopping the cameras at the format specified.

Fire-i™ Remote main features:

  • IIDC 1.31 and IIDC 1.32 compliant.
  • Distributed video recording
    on different PCs running ubCameraDaemon service.
  • Multiple server and camera
    control by a client system running ubCameraConroller
  • Control of the bandwidth each
    camera consumes on the bus it belongs to.



Software Requirements:

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8, 32 and 64 bit editions.

Latest version of ubCore drivers.