• Glass Optical Fiber Repeater-800

    Glass Optical Fiber Repeater-800

    Unibrain provides to the Firewire users the best Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) Repeater that extends the S800 (800Mbps) transmission of 1394b bus up to 550 meters distance over fiber optic cable.

  • FireRepeater-800 Pro, 5 ports

    FireRepeater-800 Pro, 5 ports

    FireRepeater-800 Pro™ is a 5-port 1394b (Firewire-800) repeater, suitable for professional and machine vision applications.

  • FireRepeater-400/800, 3 ports

    FireRepeater-400/800, 3 ports

    FireRepeater 400/800™ is a 3-port, pocket-size, repeater.

  • CAT5 Repeater-400™

    CAT5 Repeater-400™

    Unibrain's CAT5 Repeater-400™ provides a low cost solution for extending the firewire bus by using standard CAT-5e (crossover) or CAT-6 type cables.
    The transmission speed can reach up to 400 Mbps at maximum length of 70 meters (~ 230 ft).