Do you believe that your skills, imagination, and dedication are clearly too great to waste on a large, impersonal corporation?

Unibrain may be what you have been looking for. We are a small, well established company with offices in Greece and the United States. We have been at the forefront of information technology research and development for the last 12 years. We have become a presence in the international market by capitalizing on technology developments with their possible short-term advantages and emphasizing innovation with true long-term value.

We are leaders in development of real and useful products using firewire technology. We intend, however, to maintain our expertise in pre-press and other graphic industries, and as technology develops, we will assuredly get involved in new opportunities.

Our understanding that our employees are our future as well as our present has been, and will remain critical to our success.

We take an active role in developing our employees’ careers and we take pride in our very low turnover.

No matter what our current requirements are, we accept the possibility that you may have experience that is important to us.

So, whether your background matches this description of our current openings or not, we would be glad to receive inquiries and a curricula vitae (resume) from you, and look forward to discussing a possible match.

We have current openings in both hardware and software engineering both at an entry level and for more senior positions.

Rather than specify the exact requirements for these positions, we can say that we will credit breadth of experience (and interest), a good formal education background, lively curiosity, and relevant skill sets.

Your current residence and nationality are immaterial, but we would almost certainly require you to join us here in Greece. We can guarantee you won’t regret the move.

e-mail: info@unibrain.com