• Thank you so much for the code clarification. It was incredible help! I have my program working now.


  • Many thanks, I wish everybody is so fast as you.


  • Again thanks for the quick response.
    It is a pleasure doing business with you.


  • I must congratulate you on your prompt and helpful customer service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and I will definitely purchase further products from Unibrain.


  • Success!!

    Thank you so much, Panos, for all your help. The K-Lite codec setup was able to determine that DirectShow was not registered properly in this computer, and so it fixed the problem. Everything now works fine in Fire-i!


  • We received the repeaters and the PCI adapter. It is working perfectly now. Thank you very much.

    Panos thank you also for all your assistance in solving the problem. You guys really provide a great service and we will definitely make use of your company in future.


  • That worked perfectly. I need to get a better lens now but I am headed in the right direction. Thank you so much for the excellent support!!!


  • Thanks so much for your excellent response on how to implement a fake software trigger. The steps you outlined are very clear and I think I understand what needs to be done.


  • That’s super, thanks for the great service (and the case).


  • thank you very much for your perfect support.