Research & Development

Unibrain is involved in various R&D projects, some of which are partially supported by national and European Union funds. Those projects aim at advanced research, innovation and development of the appropriate research infrastructure.

  1. Feasibility study of Tele-Working application under the STAR program. Value of 160.000 ECU (70% financed by the EC). Started on 1988, successfully completed on 1990.
  2. The analysis, actual design and implementation of a distributed document service center. This project is under the RACE program, code number R2037. It was done with co-operation ten companies from the EC. Value of 800.000 ECU (50% financed by the EC). Started on 1992, successfully completed on 1994.
  3. A co-operative project with our customers, primarily end-users, for their participation in the modernization of their pre-press equipment through the EC program RETEX. Started on 1994, successfully completed on 1996.
  4. Design of ASIC technology on our existing PCI board that it is used by PainterNT and RipNT under the ESPRIT, domain 2 of the IT program First User Application Experiment – FUSE. Value of 100.000 ECU (100% financed by the EC). Started in 1996, successfully completed on 1997.
  5. Hardware and Software co-design for high resolution output devices based on FPGAs (configurable hardware) and microprocessor under the ESPRIT, IT program Open Microprocessor Initiative task 5.16 – OMI. Value of 165.000 ECU (100% financed by the EC). Started in 1997, successfully completed on 1998.
  6. Development of innovative FireWire (IEEE-1394) High Speed Network for the interconnection of Multimedia Devices, PCs and printers. PABE’99, Greek Ministry of Development, General Secretary of Research and Technology, Program of Industrial Research. Value of €287K. Started on 2000, successfully completed on 2001.
  7. Integrated System for the capturing, processing and data transfer of digital image over high speed network IEEE-139b for industrial automation and multimedia applications. PABET 2000. Value of €316K. Started on 2001, successfully completed on 2002.
  8. Development of innovative IEEE-1394b high speed network (800Mbps) over fiber optic cables. Operation Program of Competitiveness (EPAN), Framework 4.3. Value of €169K. Started on 2004, successfully completed on 2005.
  9. Integrated system for the distribution, presentation and administration of digital audio/video content and services (FIRESystem). The consortium partnership comprised Unibrain and Intracom. Value of €856K. Started on 01/01/2004, successfully completed on 30/06/2006.
  10. Most of the products provided by Unibrain, either FireWire products or multimedia consumer electronics, come from extensive and innovative Research and Development process. Our H/W and S/W engineers have significant experience to transform functional prototypes to emerging market products.
  11. The key value of Unibrain is the continuous Research & Development of its existing software products, as well as the creation of new innovative ones.The company’s R&D department aims to reinforce the position of Unibrain in the IT sector, where through constant research, the appropriate innovative business software products will emerge to satisfy the current and future client needs.In recognition of the company’s dynamic efforts, the General Secretariat for Research & Technology has funded Unibrain for the implementation of its innovative, business plans.