The development and commercialization of the new innovative technological product airZak (Zak comes from the surname of the CEO of Unibrain and inspirer of the product – “air” because it is a wireless product).


UNIBRAIN – since its foundation – emphasizes on the Research & Development field. UNIBRAIN’S founding members and scientific personnel have been working in the development of innovative software products since 1990. The innovation of UNIBRAIN products – which combines high technological performance and laboratory reliability – as well as its fast service, comprehensive and long-term support to their clients, indicate the company’s customer-oriented form, and place the company in a competitive position, both on a national and international level. The history of UNIBRAIN and its global success make it an exemplary of a Greek innovative firm for the Greek market.


The new product (airZak) that UNIBRAIN intends to develop and distribute in the global market is a unique innovative high-tech product.


The strategic development plan of UNIBRAIN is based on the following three elements:

·       Unique, innovative, state-of-the-art product

·       Unique experience of the company

·       Pioneer business model which is the company’s competitive advantage and the “key” to the new product success


The airZak product constitutes a globally innovative product that does not exist in the market worldwide.
The airZak combines state-of-the-art technologies and has unique features that embody all the modern trends.
It is a small and portable wireless storage device – and a “companion” for the mobile phone. It is also a Wi-Fi Hot Spot router. A flexible, multifunctional tiny portable «6 in 1» device for:

·       Extension of the smartphones and tablet storage capabilities.

·       Simultaneous wireless distribution of its storage space to up to seven (7) mobile phones and tablets.

·       Simultaneous wireless distribution of Internet to up to seven (7) mobile phones and tablets.

·       Simultaneous wireless distribution of 3G/4G to up to seven (7) mobile phones and tablets.

·       USB flash memory with storage capacity up to 128Gb.Charging of mobile phones and tablets.