iZak ™


iZak ™

iZak™ is a Portable Digital Multimedia Player device that you can connect to any PC or Mac via USB-2 (plug ’n play) in order to copy your favorite media content (music, movies, pictures, data files). Once you have transferred your data to iZak™ you can connect it to any TV to enjoy movies, music and photos. You can watch your favorite films in HDTV quality Video and Dolby Digital or DTS quality Audio.

IZak™ has a pocket design…
…that lets you take it wherever you go!


ISO Compatibility

Present your Videos!
Up to now, if you create a video from your vacation or prepare a presentation of your files, the only way to show it to your friends or clients is to burn a DVD. You will then be able to play it on a standard DVD player, if existing at all in the meeting room or at your friends place, or bring a notebook to and watch it on a small screen.

Not with iZak™ anymore! All you have to do now, is preparing your video files as “.ISO”, save it on your portable media player iZak™ and take it wherever you go. Hook it up to any display and playback the movie presentation as originally designed, with uncompressed video quality, original audio track and most important, all menu functions and special features intended for the original presentation.

Here is how it works. Create your home video and prepare all the DVD folders as you would but DO NOT burn the DVD. All you need to do now, is taking these files and creating an “.ISO” file. As an example, you could use a freeware like “DVD Shrink”, input the source and choose the ISO image file as destination. Press start and wait for about 10-20 minutes and your “.ISO” file is done! Save it on your portable media player iZak™ and play it back directly on your TV.

Do you have some previous videos, which you like to present in the same way but don’t have the files stored on your computer anymore? No problem! Use a freeware called “DVD Decrypter”, insert the DVD into your DVD ROM, tell the program your video source and destination, choose “ISO Read Mode” and hit start. After about 20 minutes, your “.ISO” file is ready and you can save it on your portable media player.

With the power of playing back “.ISO” files on your iZak™, it only takes around 20 minutes to prepare your presentation and you have the player with you, no matter where you go. Furthermore, your original DVD structure is preserved and you can use all the menus, special features, audio tracks, subtitles and so forth, which was originally included on your DVD!

 * The “.ISO” file mentioned in this article is an ISO image file of the original DVD content. This image file can be used as a backup of your DVD or in this case, it can be stored on the media player iZak™ and played back, the same way your DVD plays in a standard DVD player.


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