Firewire-800 cables


Firewire-800 cables

Unibrain’s FireWire cables offer superior features, due to better connectors, shielding and storage conditions:

  • Top quality connectors with high-density enclosures to eliminate an often under estimated source of noise.
  • Outer shield and inner (foil and braid) ensures compliance with the latest FireWire standards, which reduces radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference.
  • Careful storage and shipment procedures ensure that performance is not affected by accidental excessive bend radius.

NEW! 1394b lock (screw-type) cables:

Unibrain introduces new IEEE-1394b 9 pin to 9 pin bilingual ports cables with support for standard 1394b lock connector on both ends.
The screw lock cables are compatible with all 1394b Unibrain adapters (PCI, PCI express) and repeaters. They are also compatible with all latest 1394b cameras from Sony, AVT, PointGrey, Basler etc., and any 1394b device which supports the screw lock type connector.
The cables are equipped with high quality shielding and ferrites (4.5m or longer) for the best possible EMI & noise suppression.

Download the mechanical drawing of 1394b lock cables from the table below.

The screw lock 1394b cables are available in the following lengths:

Length Type – description Part No. Mechanical Drawing
(m) (ft)
1.0 3.3  9p to 9p screw lock – no ferrites 1647 1647.pdf
2.0 6.6  9p to 9p screw lock – no ferrites 1648 1648.pdf
4.5 14.8  9p to 9p screw lock – with ferrites 1641 1641.pdf
7.7 25.0  9p to 9p screw lock – with ferrites 1645 1645.pdf
10.0 32.8  9p to 9p screw lock – with ferrites 1646 1646.pdf

Exceeding the 4.5 meter cable length!

Unibrain firewire cables do not only achieve a very controlled 110 Ohm impedance but also provide high performance for skew, attenuation and crosstalk. These latest features were not prerequisites when the first IEEE-1394/1395 specification was issued, at the time limiting the maximum cable length to 4.5 meters. Therefore we can now secure safe operation of our Firewire cable lengths up to 10 meters!

A 6 pin to 9 pin converter is also available for connecting legacy Firewire-400 devices on a 9 pin Firewire-800 port.
The 6-9 pin converter can be used on new (late 2008) Apple MacBook Pro laptops which have only one Firewire-800 port for connecting Firewire-400 devices and cables.



Length Type Part
(m) (ft)
0.2 0.6 9p to 9p 1643
0.4 1.3 9p to 9p 1644
1.0 3.3 9p to 9p 1630
2.0 6.6 9p to 9p 1632
2.0 6.6 9p to 6p 1633
4.5 14.8 9p to 9p 1634
4.5 14.8 9p to 6p 1635
7.7 25 9p to 9p 1642
10.0 32.8 9p to 9p 1636
10.0 32.8 9p to 6p 1637


  • Up to 800 Mbps high speed data transmission.
  • Multiple shielding and insulation for maximum speed without data loss.
  • Firewire-800, 1394b compatible.
  • RoHS compliant.

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature: 0′ – 85′ C (32′ – 185′ F)
  • Humidity: 95%