FireRepeater 800, 3 ports


FireRepeater 800, 3 ports

FireRepeater 800™ is a 3-port pocket-size Hub that allows you to:

  • Extend FireWire bus length (tested up to 100 meters and ten repeaters in row).
  • Extend your computer’s Firewire-800 ports by two (2).
  • Add or reinforce DC Power Supply capability for your FireWire connection.

Main Features:

  • External 12-30V power supply input, Power consumption at 12V DC 0.2W. (adapter not included; can be obtained from here)
  • Compact size.
  • Shielded plastic case.


Technical Characteristics

FireWire PHY: Texas Instruments TSB81BA3D, 3-port, 3.3V, Physical Layer Device, FireWire Bus Transfer Rate 100/200/400/800 Mbps, Compliant with IEEE-1394.a and IEEE1394.b
FireRepeater 800 Part number 2501



IEEE-P1394b revision 1.20

Bus Speed

100 / 200 / 400 / 800 Mbps


3 (9-pin bilingual)

Physical Layer Device

Texas Instruments® TSB81BA3D 1394b PHY chipset

Dimensions (cm)

8.4 x 4.56 x 1.95

Weight (gr)


Operating Temperature

0′-65′ Celsius


10%-90% RH, non-condensing

Ext. Power Input

Jack connector, 8 to 30 V DC

Sourcing Capability

1.5A max (3 ports cumulated), using external power supply rated min 2A

FireRepeater 800™

Powering the Repeater

FireRepeater 800™ is powered by the FireWire bus DC voltage, coming from host adapters or other FireWire devices.

FireRepeater 800™ is provided with a DC power input jack connector, which can be used when the FireWire connection does not provide DC power. This happens typically:

  • when the FireWire bus is converted to a 4-pin connection via a bilingual to 4-pin cable
  • when, no powering device is present, even from the FireWire interface. This is the case when using CardBus FireWire adapters or on some laptops with built-in interface

Even if the FireWire bus is already powered, the DC power input jack of the FireRepeater 800™ can also be used to reinforce it. The FireWire bus voltage will adapt automatically when needed. A built-in diode avoids any risk of voltages conflict or reverse current flow

Recommended DC adapter must provide stable regulated output voltage of at least 12VDC, 1 A or best 15V DC, 1.5A. To match DC input connector, the jack plug of the DC adapter needs following dimensions and polarity: