FireBoard 800™ V.2 1394b PCI adapter


FireBoard 800™ V.2 1394b PCI adapter

 This adapter is discontinued.
Its replacement card is
Fireboard800 V3 1394b PCI adapter

FireBoard-800™ V.2 is Unibrain’s next generation of 1394b PCI adapter and is based on the new Texas Instruments TSB83AA23 chipset, which combines both PHY and Link functionalities under a single silicon.
The Fireboard-800™ V.2 adapter incorporates some new functionality features like 1394b screw lock cables support and improved external power connectivity, adding further stability and usability in industrial and machine vision environments.

OS Supported:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8, 2003/2008 Server, 32/64 bit.
  • Mac OS X 10.4.x or later.
  • Linux.

Part numbers:

  • Fireboard-800 V.2 bulk: 1234
  • Fireboard-800 V.2 with embedded hardware FireAPI™/Fire-i API SDK™ license: 1721


  • Texas Instruments TSB83AA231394b to PCI integrated Link/PHY host controller.
  • 33-MHz/32-Bit PCI Interface.
  • OHCI Compliant/Compatible with any FireWire device or peripheral.
  • Serial data rates: 400Mbps and 800Mbps.
  • Three (3) fully backward compatible, (1394a-2000 Fully-Compliant) Bilingual 1394b, 9 pin ports at up to 800 Megabits per second (Mbit/sec).
  • Internal ‘big IDE’ 4 pin power connector.
  • PCI burst transfers and deep FIFOs to tolerate large host latency.
  • RoHS and WEEE compliance.
  • Operating Temperature: 0~65′ C, Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 100′ C.
  • Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 80% RH, Non-condensing.

IIDC Firewire Digital Cameras

Fireboard-800™ is ideal for IIDC industrial and machine vision applications. Using Unibrain’s Fire-i™ Software you can connect up to 63 firewire cameras and simultaneously control and display up to four of them or more, using Unibrain’s MultiDMA functionality, thus providing an advanced interface solution for machine vision, security, GPS mapping and other professional applications.

External Firewire Hard Drives

You can connect a multiple array of external FireWire devices such as CD-R/W or DVD drives easily. Just plug-in any SBP2 FireWire External Hard Drive to the installed Fireboard-800™ adapter and immediately add storage to your PC. Unibrain’s Fireboard-800™ has been thoroughly tested to operate seamlessly with Unibrain’s entire range of External FireWire Hard Drives as well as any third party external storage devices.

Digital Video

Simply connect any DV or HD-DV camcorder to your PC or Mac via Unibrain Fireboard-800™ Host Adapter. Capture, produce and share your digital video, with any digital video application fast and seamlessly.

Fireboard-800™ V.2 host adapter brings high-performance IEEE-1394b technology to PCI systems. Based on the Texas Instruments TSB83AA23 PCI 1394b OHCI controller with integrated Link and PHY, provides high performance serial connectivity. The TSB83AA@3 is capable of transferring data between the PCI bus and the 1394 bus at 100Mbits/sec, 200Mbits/sec, 400Mbits/sec and 800Mbits/sec.
Fireboard-800™ V.2 provides three (3) IEEE 1394b Fully Compliant Cable Ports with industrial screw lock cable support.


  • Enhanced with the 1394 OHCI 1.2 draft specification for 1394b PHY full operational compliance.
  • Isochronous receive dual-buffer mode.
  • Supports enhanced isochronous transmit overflow.
  • Out-of-Order Pipelining for Asynchronous Transmit Requests.
  • Power-Down features to conserve energy in battery-powered applications and low power sleep mode.
  • Autonomous configuration ROM update.
  • Cable power presence monitoring.
  • Enhanced FIFO characteristics:
    • 2 Kbyte isochronous transmit FIFO.
    • 5 Kbyte asynchronous transmit FIFO.
    • 2 Kbyte isochronous receive FIFO.
    • 2 Kbyte asynchronous receive FIFO.
  • Dedicated asynchronous and isochronous descriptor based DMA engines.
  • Four isochronous transmit contexts.
  • Four isochronous receive contexts.
  • Cycle master and isochronous resource manager capable. Allows multiple outstanding requests at DMAs.
  • Supports 1394a-2000 and 1394b acceleration features.
  • Fully supports provisions of IEEE 1394a-2000 and 1394-1995 standard for high-performance serial bus.
  • Serial ROM or Boot ROM interface supports 2-wire serial EEPROM devices.
  • Supports parallel processing of incoming physical read and write requests.
  • Digital Video and Audio performance enhancements. Extended resume signaling for compatibility with legacy DV camcorders.

External power (+12V) connector

All Fireboard-800™ and any bus power provided to the 1394 connectors are derived from the standard voltages on the PCI connector. However due to the limited availability of 12-V current (for 1394 bus power) an option has been provided to power 12-V rail from an external standard power connector if using bus-powered 1394b devices which require more than the 500 mA that can be drawn (by specification) from the PCI slot.

Operating Voltage

12V DC – CAUTION: additional power supply voltage on the Firewire bus should be equal to 12V.

FCC / CE Compatibility and EMI, EMC testing

Fireboard-800™ has successfully passed the EN 55022 (Emissions Environment) and EN 55024 (Immunity Environment) EMI test procedures. Subsequently, this product is fully CE compliant and assigned with the CE mark. Moreover the board is FCC compliant.

R : Required, T : Tested

Environmental Compliances

  • RoHS Compliant
  • WEEE Compliant
R T Test Description Standard
X X Conducted emissions EN 55022
X X Radiated emissions EN 55022
X X Electrostatic discharges EN 61000-4-2
X X Radiated E.M. fields EN 61000-4-3
X X Fast transient burst (EFT) EN 61000-4-4