Fire-i board Pro camera


Fire-i board Pro camera

*This product has been discontinued

The new Fire-i board Pro™ OEM board firewire camera series from Unibrain, are designed for the industrial OEM and machine vision applications. The compact size of the cameras provides more versatility in space and weight considerations.

The cameras are equipped with a CS/C-Type Lens mount for flexible use of industrial CS and C-Mount lenses. Support is also provided for miniature lenses, M12 x 0.5 compliant.

A dual port version is also available for multi camera daisy chain connectivity. The cameras incorporate all modern IIDC 1.31 specification features such as hardware trigger, partial scan, binning, automatic bus synchronization etc.

Unibrain Fire-i board Pro™ Remote CCD All single firewire port models of Unibrain’s Fire-i Board Pro™ Camera are available now with a remote CCD head option, connected to the main board via a high reliability and density 6-inch flat cable.

Connector: Molex part No 52559-1672.
Flat cable: 0.50 mm pitch, 16 way, flex type, Molex part No  98266-0171.

The mechanical drawing of remote CCD head can be obtained here.


Main Features

  • High frame rate (86 fps at VGA, 36 fps at XGA)
  • External Trigger mode 0~5, 12, 13, 14, 15
  • Multi camera auto synchronization
  • Low Smear and excellent anti-blooming
  • Low power consumption, less than 2W at 12V DC
  • C/CS mount and M12 x 0.5 Lens support

Software support

  • Unibrain Fire-i application & drivers
  • Embedded camera license for Unibrain drivers/SDK
  • Unibrain Fire-i API™ development kit

Part numbers

  • Fire-i board VGAc (color) dual firewire ports: 4467
  • Fire-i board VGAb (b/w) dual firewire ports: 4466
  • Fire-i board XGAc (color) dual firewire ports: 4463
  • Fire-i board XGAb (b/w) dual firewire ports: 4462
  • Fire-i board XGAc (color) single firewire port: 4461
  • Fire-i board XGAb (b/w) single firewire port: 4460
  • Fire-i board Remote CCD VGAc (color): 4468
  • Fire-i board Remote CCD VGAb (b/w):  4469
  • Fire-i board Remote CCD XGAc (color): 4470
  • Fire-i board Remote CCD XGAb (b/w): 4471

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Image Sensor

1/3″ progressive scan CCD Sony ICX-424AQ / ICX-424AL

Effective Pixels

330,000 pixels 659 (H) x 494 (V)

Picture Size

640 x 480

Data Path

8 bit or 12 bit color RAW and YUV 422 or 12 bit b/w

CELL size

7.40 um x 7.40 um

Frame Rate

86 fps (Format-7), 60, 30, 15, 7.5, 3.75

External Trigger

Mode 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15

Control Functions

Auto-Exposure, Auto-shutter, Brightness, Sharpness

Digital Interface

One or Two 1394a 6pin port / IIDC v1.31 – 8~30V DC from cable

Gain Control

0 ~ 18 dB

Shutter Speed

1 usec ~ 3600 sec


0.4 ~ 2.5

Advanced Features

RS-232 (SIO) pass through, Format-7, One shot & multi shot, Multi camera auto-sync, Binning 2×2, 1×2 (b/w model)

S/N ratio

56 dB or better

Power Requirements

200 mA max, @ +12V DC

Dimensions / Weight

Single 1394 port model: 47(W) x 70(H) x 21(D) mm / Approx. 34 gr Dual 1394 port model: 47(W) x 81(H) x 21(D) / Approx 40 gr

Operation Temp.

-5 to +45°C

Storage Temp.

-20 to +60°C