Fire-i™ IMAQ adaptor for Matlab

Fire-i™ IMAQ is an adaptor for MATLAB Image Acquisition Toolbox (IMAQ toolbox).
Mathworks’ IMAQ toolbox software is a collection of functions that extend the capability of the MATLAB numeric computing environment. The toolbox provides a wide range of image acquisition operations.  For further details on IMAQ toolbox please refer to
For accessing the features and functions of the cameras, an adaptor, developed by the camera manufacturer, must be provided. Now with Fire-i™ IMAQ adaptor, users who operate IIDC cameras with our ubCore PRO driver stack can now make use of the IMAQ’s toolbox functionality having the ability to control all the camera features supported by our drivers. Our driver stack supports all Unibrain camera models as well as any 3rd party camera1 that complies with the IIDC spec. Thus IMAQ toolbox users can use our Fire-i™ IMAQ adaptor for any IIDC camera they may use.

Download Fire-i™ IMAQ adaptor and the manual:

Fire-i™ IMAQ