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  • Networking

  • I have installed FireNet™ and the computers seem to be connected because can ping each other and see shares. However, when I try to actually copy files, I get a time out or a connection error.

    Your Firewire adapter is using an older Firewire chip that utilizes a buffer block size of 1 Kbyte instead of 2 Kbytes. 2 Kbyte is the standard according to the 400 Mbit specification. For example, 1394 adapters based on the NEC chipset use 1-Kbyte packet sizes.

    Solution: Change the FireNet™ maximum payload size to either “Ethernet Packet size” or 1024 bytes, as described in the manual, section “Using FireNet™ with protocols other than TCP/IP”).

    Note: This applies only to the Windows version of FireNet™

  • During the FireNet™ installation in Windows 98/WinME, a dialog box appears asking for the location of the ubfwnet.sys

    This is an installation glitch, which has to do with the implementation of the networking components installation in Windows 98/WinME. Simply complete the path of the windowssystem ( or windowssystem32drivers) directory and the installation will continue and finish normally. Alternatively, you can point to the Program FilesUnibrainFirenetdrivers folder, where all FireNet™ driver files reside.

  • Can I connect a computer with FireNet™ installed to a Windows Me (or Windows XP) PC with Microsoft’s 1394 NDIS?

    For the moment “no”. FireNet™ is not compatible with MSNDIS1394 because the latter is based on “IP over 1394”. FireNet™ is based on Unibrain’s proprietary technology, “Ethernet Emulation” which is much more efficient for network connections. FireNet™ 3.0 (TBA), will support IP over 1394 and will have full compatibility with MS 1394 NDIS of Windows Me/XP.

  • When I copy large files in Windows ME, performance drops dramatically.

    This is a problem with Microsoft’s NDIS driver. It has nothing to do with FireNet™ (the same problem exists with Ethernet). After the file transfer is complete, reboot the computer to regain the network speed.

  • I have noticed that FireNet™ does not assign a permanent Mac address to the 1394 adapter. How can this be solved?

    Because you have not yet authorized FireNet™ for unrestricted use. Once you’ve obtained a Product Key number and have entered it in the system, the 1394 adapter will be assigned a permanent MAC address.

  • I have installed FireNet™ in Windows 2000 and the network does not work and/or the computer crashes

    You are probably using another protocol other than TCP/IP. Either remove all other protocols and use TCP/IP, or go to the driver advanced settings and adjust the maximum payload to “Ethernet Packet Size”. (See the section “Using FireNet™ with protocols other than TCP/IP”).

  • My notebook cannot recover from standby/sleep mode when I have FireNet™ installed.

    When establishing connections between more than three computers via IEEE-1394 be sure to set all the computers so that they do not go into suspend, hibernation, or standby mode. If more than three computers are connected and one of the computers enters suspend, hibernate, or standby mode, file transfer between the other connected computers may be disrupted. If this occurs: i) first, remember to disconnect all 1394 connecting cables between the networked computers. ii) Restore the computer that has entered suspend, hibernation or standby mode, and reconnect the 1394 cable. Important: Also note that standby mode should always be disabled in Win98/WinMe but it is not necessary to disable it in Windows 2000. FireNet™ 1.4 or later can handle power management issues in a more efficient way.

  • Can I install FireNet™ in my desktop PC and connect it to my VAIO notebook?

    No. FireNet™ is incompatible with Sony’s “Smart Connect” software, which can be found in VAIO notebooks. You must install FireNet™ in both computers. (For more information, refer to Appendix D on the FireNet™ manual)

  • How can I connect my Mac computers to a network with Windows PCs via FireNet™?

    You’ll need to install a Windows 2000 Server with Services for Macintosh. In this case, Mac computers will be able to use a file-share directory in the Windows 2000 Server computer. For more information and directions on how to install Services for Mac, refer to Appendix E: FireNet and Mac OS. Alternatively, if you don’t have a Windows 2000 Server, there are third-party utilities which can connect your Mac computers with any Windows 98/WinMe or Windows 2000 Professional PC. The most widely known are Dave and Pc MacLan (http://www.miramar.com/).

  • Although I have PC MacLan or Dave, my Mac cannot communicate with my Windows system(s).

    You probably have Firewire support Version 2.7 or later installed in your MacOS 9.x. With this version Apple changed the address of the Configuration ROM and made it totally incompatible with Microsoft Firewire support. The only way to handle this problem is to revert to Version 2.5. You can download this version of Firewire, from our web site: https://www.unibrain.com/download/files/firewire25.hqx

    You will have to copy these files manually into the extensions folder. Before doing so, rename the current files (or copy them somewhere else so that you can always revert to your current Firewire version) and then replace them with the 2.5 version.

  • During the installation I receive one of the following messages: “Error. ikernel.exe is incorrect” or:

    Or this message (in Windows 2000/XP):

    This is a known bug of the Install Shield installation program. Press OK and the installation will finish successfully and Firenet operations will not be affected in the least. If the installation is aborted too early (or cannot start at all) then quit and go to the following folder:

    Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShieldengine6Intel 32

    Inside this folder find and rename the file ikernel.exe to ikernel.old. Now you can restart the installation.

  • I have connected 2 notebooks with Firewire-PCMCIA adapters and FireNet™ does not work.

    The reason for this is that PCMCIA adapters cannot provide the required power to the 1394 bus. A 1394 repeater (or hub) with external power must intercede between them.

  • I want to remove FireNet™ but when I choose to uninstall it from Control Panel’s “Add/Remove programs” applet, nothing happens?

    You have come across a bug of the InstallShield installation program. Unfortunately the installation log file has been corrupted and you must uninstall FireNet™ manually. Please follow carefully the instructions below.

    1. Go to Device Manager, expand the “Network Adapters” section, right-click on “Unibrain 1394 adapter” and choose “Uninstall”
    2. Go to the Program Files directory and delete the folder “Unibrain”
    3. Go to the Program FilesInstallShield Installation Information directory and delete the (hidden) directory:
      (or {F4EC2909-FE7B-433B-B66B-9DF365486506} for Firenet for Audigy installations)
    4. Go to winntsystem32drivers (or windowssystem32drivers for Win9x & WinXP) and delete the files ubfwdev.sys & ubfwnet.sys
    5. Restart your system
    6. When your system restarts, edit the registry: Go to    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall
      and delete the key {4C2F992E-32DC-11D4-AC0D-0080C8ECCD31}

    Note: Please be very careful when dealing with the registry.

  • I have a SoundBlaster™ Audigy card. Which version of FireNet™ is the latest and do I need to register it by buying product keys?

    The latest version of FireNet™ for the Audigy cards is 2.5 and can be obtained from our web site at the download section. Note that the version of FireNet™ for Audigy owners is DIFFERENT from the regular version, which can be installed on any standard OHCI Firewire adapter.

    FireNet™ for Audigy is registered and fully functional and does not need any product keys. The regular version though requires one product key for every system FireNet™ gets installed. For more information regarding the FireNet™ licensing & pricing policy visit our online store: https://www.1394store.com/eshop/buyfirenet/.

  • How can I totally remove FireNet™ for Mac OS X from my system?

    Note: The following steps require the use of Super User (su or root) account. Please make sure you know the su password (or that you have enabled the su account from the Mac OS X boot CD-ROM) before you proceed.

    Open a Terminal Window and run the following commands:

    1. cd “/system/library/extensions”
    2. sudo rm -r firenet.kext
    3. cd “/applications”
    4. sudo rm -r firenet
    5. cd “/library/receipts”
    6. sudo rm -r firenet.pkg
    7. sudo rm “FireNet log.rtf”
  • How can I remove FireNet™ for Mac OS 9 from my system?

    To remove (or temporarily disable) FireNet™ for Mac OS 9.x, please do the following:

    1. Restart your Mac by pressing the SHIFT button (so that extensions will not load)
    2. Go to the System Folder, open the Extensions folder and delete (or move somewhere else) the following files: “Unibrain FireNetConfig“, “Unibrain FireNetDriver“, “Unibrain FireNetLib” and “Unibrain FireNetPortScan
    3. Restart your Mac. If you want to enable FireNet™ again, simply move again these files to the Extensions folder and restart your Mac.


  • I have updated all my systems to FireNet™ 2.5 (from 2.2) but the ones running Windows XP seem to have lost connectivity.

    This has happened because Unibrain’s driver was replaced by the Microsoft native driver. You will have to manually replace it. Please refer to the FireNet™ manual, at the Windows XP installation section and repeat Step 6. When the Hardware Update Wizard dialog box will appear you will see the following dialog box:

    Choose “FireNet™ PC Version” and press Next. You will be asked for a computer restart for the changes to take effect. Repeat the same procedure in all Windows XP based systems.

  • Is it possible to connect two (or more) computers via FireNet™ to the same external firewire Hard Drive?

    External Firewire Hard Drives can be connected in a daisy chain, that is no problem, but only on one computer. If 2 computers are connected to the same external HDD, the device can only be recognized on one of those. Which one it’s going to be depends on which one is first connected or turned on.

    So the only way, to connect multiple computers on an external HDD is via networking. Hook up the external HDD on one system, share the HDD through networking so it can be used for everybody and then connect your other computers using FireNet™ to this computer.

    In the case of a FireNet™ network though, you have to install a second Firewire adapter, which will not belong to the FireNet™ network, and connect on this the external HDD.

    This will have the following benefits:

    1. Permanent connection and ability to share of the drive from the specific system. Because if the HDD is on the same bus with the Firewire network, in every bus reset (on cable removals, system reboots etc.) the device may be attached on a different system every time (a random procedure that cannot be controlled). This would make impossible sharing the drive permanently to the other systems in the network.
    2. Less Firewire bus congestion. If the external Hard Drive shares the same bus with FireNet™, then a copy to/from the HDD would use twice the bandwidth: once for the data being transferred through the network and once for the (same!) data being transferred to the Hard Drive.
  • iZak

  • I am a Mac user. My iZak says it is read only and will not allow me to add anything to it. Why?

    The reason why you can not write files at your iZak device using Mac is probably because at the moment the file system which is used by Mac is not NTFS. By default Unix/Linux do not support writing access at NTFS file systems. In order to be able to do this, you need format your iZak with your Mac OS X and make sure that an option “Install OSX 9 Driver” is deselected while you do this. If you format it with the Mac file system you will not be able to use it under Windows. If you use the DOS File system (also known as FAT32) you will be able to use it under both Mac OS X and Windows but you will not be able to write a file bigger than 3GB. This is a restriction of the FAT32 unfortunately. As soon as, you choose the file system you must also add the folders (Firmware, Movies, Music, Photos) before plugging it at the TV.

  • When I unpacked my iZak™ it was broken

    We are sorry if this has happened and kindly ask that you either return the iZak™ to the shop where you bought it and get a new one or contact our Hotline/Helpdesk on +30-210-6640600 or by e-mail at support@unibrain.com. Please be sure to do so within 7 days of the date of purchase.

  • How do I make my iZak™ region-free?

    Concerning the DVD/ISO playback you should not consider region lock as a problem. There is no region locking after DVD ripping.

  • How do I return my iZak™ to factory default settings?

    To return to factory default setting press consecutively: INFO, 0, 1, 2, RETURN.

  • Do I need external power for my iZak™?

    Notice that you don’t need external power adaptor when iZak™ is connected to a computer because iZak™ is powered by the USB bus power. If you experience bus power problems you can purchase the proprietary USB adaptor here. However, when operating as media player connected to a TV, you need the external power supply (provided in the iZak package) connected to the USB port.

  • Which is the recommended way to handle iZak™ when not operating?

    It is recommended, if iZak™ does not operate, to press the power off button and set it in stand by mode instead of unplugging the power supply. In stand by mode the power LED turns to orange.

  • Do I have to turn off the device each time I am not using it?

    You can turn off the device using the Power button on your remote, which will put iZak™ in stand by mode. However, if iZak™ remains idle for 30 minutes, it will automatically switch to stand by mode.

  • After copying files from my PC to iZak™ via USB connection I unplug the device and cannot view those files when iZak is connected to my TV set. Why?    (Click to view the “Safe Removal Proceedure”)

    Each time you unplug your iZak from your computer you have to follow the Safe Removal Procedure. More specifically:Double click on the task bar icon to “Unplug or Eject hardware”.


    The adjacent dialogue box will appear displaying the PnP external devices. In the current example you can see iZak™ as a USB Mass Storage Device. In order to remove it, click the device in the list and then click Stop. Click OK to the next dialogue box. The operating system will automatically unplug the device and inform you for this safe removal.

    If you are using iZak™ (e.g. you are working on a Word document or a picture located in its disk) the operating system will notify you that is unable to remove the device. In this case, close all the applications affecting or accessing iZak™ and try again.

  • How do I check which firmware is installed on my iZak™?

    You will have to navigate to the “Settings” menu and select “Firmware”. Press ENTER on your remote control and on the right side of the screen the current firmware version will appear.

  • Can I install an older firmware on my iZak™ than the one I have installed?

    It is not recommended to install an older firmware than the one released latest. However, if you do so by accident, you will face the bugs/changes that are fixed in the final version.

  • What is the “Settings” folder used for and can I edit it?

    The text file “Settings.txt” is stored inside the “Firmware” subfolder “Settings”. It is encoded as Unicode and has two (2) lines, which can be edited with any standard text file editor if required.

    The first line is the standard TV system and can either be “PAL” or “NTSC”. This will be used if you have never setup iZak on your TV before. This will be obsolete after you have gone through the Settings menu of your iZak and saved a new setting.

    The second line is the text string shown when the screen saver is active. The standard text is “iZak” but you may change this to anything you like. The maximum are 16 English letters in total.

  • I have downloaded the latest firmware but how do I install it on the iZak™?

    Please read the Firmware update guide, which will guide you through the upgrade process.

  • I tried to update my iZak™ with the latest firmware and I got the following error: “Update failed. Power off device”, as shown in the picture below. Why?

    There are two reasons that will create the above error:

    • Firmware files copied were corrupted because you did not follow the safe removal procedure.
    • The firmware you are trying to install is older than the one currently loaded in your iZak™


  • Will my iZak™ support the next version of DivX or XviD?

    When a new DivX, XviD codec is released, iZak™ will be able to play it as long as it complies with the ISO mpeg 4 standard.

  • My picture is in black and white or does not display anything

    In case of any settings errors (e.g. the simple Composite AV cable is connected and you setup NTSC Component, so no display on the TV), press repeatedly the “VIDEO OUTPUT” key of the remote control up to the moment you see the correct display. You can then choose the right Video via “setting” and save it via the HOME button.

  • Can iZak support external subtitles in DivX files?

    Yes. Unicode text files are supported with extensions .sub (MicroDVD format) and .srt. Please make sure, for the subtitle to be displayed correctly, to use the same filename for both the video file and the text file, and store both in the same folder of your iZak. If for example the filename of the movie is “Movie.avi” then you will need to name the text file “Movie.sub” or “Movie.srt”. Such files can be found over the Internet. For details on how to create your own subtitles please visit http://www.doom9.org.

  • The non-English characters usually are not displayed properly. Why does this happen?

    In that case, the subtitles must use Unicode format. To convert the subtitles to Unicode format, open the subtitles file using a text editor eg. Windows Notepad and save the file choosing ‘save as’ and select Unicode as ‘encoding’.

  • How can I get the best video quality from my iZak™?

    From best to worst in regards of video quality and connection the sequence goes as follows:

    1. Component YPbPr
    2. Scart RGB
    3. S-Video
    4. Composite

    S-Video and Composite cable is included in iZak™’s packaging. You can purchase Componet YPbPr and Scart RGB cable here.

  • Does iZak™ support HD (720p, 1080i) video file playback ?

    iZak does not support HD video. HDTV progressive setting (as it appears in Settings menu) depends on the media. In other words, if the movie is in standard 720×480 resolution and you set iZak to HDTV 1080i for example, then the device will upscale from 720×480 to 1080i. The same, more or less applies to 720p. In general any HDTV setting in iZak refers to upscaling.

  • I connected my iZak™ to a digital amplifier and I do not get any sound.

    You will need to navigate to “Settings” menu and select “Audio Settings”. After that you will have to switch the option from analogue to digital.

  • I connected my iZak™ to the TV set using the AV cable and I do not get any sound.

    You will need to navigate to “Settings” menu and select “Audio Settings”. After that you will have to switch the option from digital to analogue.

  • Can I use ID3 tags on the iZak™?

    Yes, iZak™ supports ID3 tags. You will need to press INFO during playback.

  • Can iZak™ support WMA files?

    Yes, iZak™ fully supports WMA playback using the latest firmware.

  • Can iZak™ support OGG audio files?

    Yes, iZak™ fully supports OGG playback using the latest firmware.
    For more information regarding OGG visit: http://www.vorbis.com/

  • My iZak™ is very slow to show my pictures

    This is because of the size of the file. If the pictures are very large then it might take a few seconds before the player will show the picture. You can reduce the resolution of the picture to 640×480 using freeware image editors.

  • Can I playback picture files after editing using image processing software ?

    iZak can playback these picture files as long as they are using the RGB color space and not CMYK. If a picture file is created using the CMYK color space it will not be displayed.

  • I am experiencing low transfer rates or I am losing connection with iZak™

    Always use the included USB2 cable to connect your iZak™ to your computer. Use of other cables may affect efficient operation. Also, connect the iZak™ directly to one USB2 port of your computer, not via hubs. If you experience bus power problems you can purchase the proprietary USB adaptor here.