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  • I am a Mac user. My iZak says it is read only and will not allow me to add anything to it. Why?

    The reason why you can not write files at your iZak device using Mac is probably because at the moment the file system which is used by Mac is not NTFS. By default Unix/Linux do not support writing access at NTFS file systems. In order to be able to do this, you need format your iZak with your Mac OS X and make sure that an option “Install OSX 9 Driver” is deselected while you do this. If you format it with the Mac file system you will not be able to use it under Windows. If you use the DOS File system (also known as FAT32) you will be able to use it under both Mac OS X and Windows but you will not be able to write a file bigger than 3GB. This is a restriction of the FAT32 unfortunately. As soon as, you choose the file system you must also add the folders (Firmware, Movies, Music, Photos) before plugging it at the TV.

  • When I unpacked my iZak™ it was broken

    We are sorry if this has happened and kindly ask that you either return the iZak™ to the shop where you bought it and get a new one or contact our Hotline/Helpdesk on +30-210-6640600 or by e-mail at support@unibrain.com. Please be sure to do so within 7 days of the date of purchase.


  • How do I check which firmware is installed on my iZak™?

    You will have to navigate to the “Settings” menu and select “Firmware”. Press ENTER on your remote control and on the right side of the screen the current firmware version will appear.