• We feel that we’ve reached a resolution on the problems we’ve been experiencing. Thank you for sticking with us and helping to troubleshoot!



  • I’d just like to thank you both for the fantastic response to my email enquiry. I’ve now ordered the 5 port firewire 800 hub through Scorpion Vision where I received excellent service from Vicki and Paul.

    It’s been a delight to deal with your company and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.


  • Thank you also for the other order, you shipped it very quickly, I check out the tracking number on the UPS website and it’s in time. So professional!


  • 1394.store,
    It’s been a pleasure ordering from you. Ships quickly with tracking info.
    Don’t change!!!!


  • Perfect!!
    Panos you are genius.
    That really seems to have fixed this.
    The it is like night and day, I capture for a minute and stop, and it is done right away.
    I really appreciate all your kind help and patience, it really made a difference.

    Hey, take the rest of the day off 😉 (Yes, I know it is all ready well into the night there).


  • Unbelievable!! This is the best customer care response I have ever received from any corporation in 3 years!! I have been doing some “volunteer” work for Dell customers over the past three years and I am going to use this letter as an example of an awesome customer care experience. You told me what to do. You told me how to use my hardware. You told me how to use another company’s hardware (DV camcorder). You told me how to use Microsoft’s drivers. And then to my amazement you took the initiative and refunded my order for software that I do not need. You made me feel that my experience was more important then your profit and you now will not only have a customer for life, but free advertising when I post this response on my Blog and my forum that is there to help customers. If you are interested in seeing this post go to rampantspeculation.com and click on the Blog tab. You will need to register for the forum and blog separately, but this would give you a place to talk about your products. Thanks so much for taking the time to “serve” me.