The FastVid project is aimed at the development and preparation for commercial production of integral wireless display microchips (FViD) able to encode and decode video (and audio) streams with extremely low delay (not exceeding 30 ms). The project idea is based on recently developed innovation algorithms, which allow starting the decoding of current video frame before getting all the necessary information, thus essentially decreasing the encoding/decoding time. 

The basic objectives are:

·   to design, develop and test working prototypes of the proposed microchips on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), assessable through a true demonstration that can be shown to potential users or stakeholders (100 – 200 pieces);

·   to design, develop and test working prototypes of electronic devices, using the developed microchips (2 – 3 types, like notebooks/netbooks, mobile phones, game consoles, wireless displays, videophones, digital signage’s);

·   to develop the corresponding system software (operational systems, drivers for the devices) and users’ software;

·   to select 2 – 3 manufacturers and provide them with technical documentation sufficient for starting mass production of the selected devices;

·   to enter the market through supplying manufactures of commonly used electronic devices with the proposed microchips, providing wireless transmission of video and audio information.