UNIBRAIN – since its foundation – emphasizes on the Research & Development field. UNIBRAIN’S founding members and scientific personnel have been working in the development of innovative software products since 1990. The innovation of UNIBRAIN products – which combines high technological performance and laboratory reliability – as well as its fast service, comprehensive and long-term support to their clients, indicate the company’s customer-oriented form, and place the company in a competitive position, both on a national and international level. The history of UNIBRAIN and its global success make it an exemplary of a Greek innovative firm for the Greek market.

The new product (HiZak) that UNIBRAIN intends to develop and distribute in the global market is a unique innovative high-tech product.

HiZak is envisaged to integrate the capabilities of a

·       “Low-end” hybrid STB featuring a broadcast connection for DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial) and PVR, with an

·       Internet appliance for accessing WebTV content together with limitless web content through customizable web-widgets (including downloading multimedia content through P2P networks), as well as a

·       Multimedia player capable of playing full-HD (1080p) content from internal HDD, external HDD, microSD card, or content available on the local home network (Mac/PC).

This unique and highly flexible “three in one” solution represents the key novelty / innovativeness of the new product. Market research – conducted by UNIBRAIN – has not found any existing product with equivalent features.

The capabilities of the hardware of the HiZak device are more than enough to satisfy even the “high end” STB requirements and it will be possible to upgrade it in case the network infrastructure and services provided are of required characteristics.

This upgrade can be automatic and seamless for the end-user.